Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Reads

I have started a new series that I'm told is really good. There are 3 books and are called: Traitor, Tribunal, & Trespass. They are stories that are about World War II. I love stories from World War II. So far the first book is really good. It gets your interest pretty much immediately. I will let you know what I think of them.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God

You know, I had an experience recently that made me reflect on how we treat people. We have many differences in this world as people; age, sex, appearance, personality, backgrounds, job titles, home lives - you name it. While these differences make us unique and make the people we are, there are some out there who believe their difference(s) are greater than others. Because of that thinking they tend to see others on a lower scale and therefore treat them on a lower scale, whether that be purposeful or not.

This happened to be done to me, and while I was appropriately upset about it, it made me realize that no matter who we are or what we do, we are each one individual soul that is no greater than any other. To God (and let's face it- that's all that really matters) every soul is great in His sight. And on a personal level, as long as who we are and what we do make us happy, who's to tell us otherwise or that we should have different aspirations? While some things in life we do not choose, a lot of our lives are made up by our choices. If a person really wants to have something or attain a certain career, degree or title, there are opportunities out there and choices to make to get us there. But because we are different, not everyone views everything the same way and we all want different things, which makes for a beautiful world in my opinion. There's no need to look down on someone else because their priorities and wants are focused in a different direction. God created us equal but gave us all different talents, and most importantly our own minds and hearts to think and make our own choices. Just think how unbalanced this life would be if everyone met a certain mark that someone else believes we should all have.

This small moment that happened to me made me reflect on these things and gave me a greater charge to always treat everyone as equally as our creator sees us. And by doing so, I feel a small portion of that same love He has for us all.